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About us

VELCOFIN was established on September 2015 as a spin-off company of Velco, founded in 1972,  leader in the distribution of standard and custom-made electronic components from companies such as Citizen Electronics (JP), Coto Technology (USA), Comus International (NL), Yeebo (HK) and others.

VELCOFIN is specialized in providing mechanical and electromechanical interlocking solutions for both light and heavy industry. Thanks to an approach tailored on the actual needs of our Clients, VELCOFIN strives to create a safe working environment for the protection of both human lives and industrial assets, all at an affordable price.

VELCOFIN is synonimous with quality, professionalism and creativity. We supply any market standard, even for small orders. We guarantee a reliable service on the market thanks to the support of our technical experts and product managers, who are constantly in touch with our Clients.

Industrial sectors

The primary application fields in which we operate.

Our range of security interlocks is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, as: power generation, extractive industry, construction materials, railways industry, harbours and naval infrastructures, airports and metro station infrastructures, automotive, food industry, wood and paper industry.


Our interlocking systems make safer mining, transport and transformation processes.


Our systems offer high safety standards in compliance with sector’s safety guidelines.


On Railways, Metro stations, Ports, Airports, and Logistic Hubs our products allow workers to safely operate according to latest safety standards.


Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Concrete Plants, Paper Mills, Steel plants, Iron plants, Cereal plants, Food (bread plants, pasta factory, cheese, meat plants) Leather plants. Transformation processes become more and more complex and need higher and higher safety standards.

VELCOFIN S.r.l. is a distributor specialized in INTERLOCK SYSTEMS for industrial safety and special locking systems.

Why Velcofin?


For a better definition of the solutions to be implemented.

Price and Quality

We offer the products you need for the budget you have.


The largest choice of interlocks for a single supplier.


Flexibility to achieve client-specific solutions.

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+39 0444 026656

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